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PTS Setups are the industry standard for stock/option setup services. One of the primary reasons for their success is that the setups are developed using the PTS trading platform.The PTS Setups were initiated for PTS Course graduates but are now used by thousands of traders from throughout the world. PTS Setups have averaged more than 50 points per week for the past year.

Trading Computers are aggressively priced, manufactured in the United States, and use only new and genuine parts. These computers are optimized for traders and are in use by retail traders, hedge funds, mutual funds, financial advisers, brokers, institutional investors, and anyone who needs to run multiple monitors. Through careful design, selection, and testing of components, Trading Computers has achieved very low CPU usage during normal trading conditions resulting in a fast, highly responsive trading platform, with plenty of reserve power for extra applications. A trading Computer is in use in the PTS office.

TradeStation Securities is a leading industry broker and provider of trading software. 

PTS Certified Coaching is available by appointment to graduates of the PTS Trading Course. If you have been away from trading since graduating, or just need individual training, PTS has a certified coach available by appointment. For more information, send an email requesting coaching information to Mike Misunas at

MR Trading Platform
This is an active message board for graduates of the Precision Trading System Course. All course graduates are invited to join this board. Membership is by invitation.

Wizetraders Guide to Effective Day Trading 

The Guide was written in 2002 after speaking at the first Wizefest. At the event, Mel Raiman met hundreds of wonderful people, all of whom were losing money trading the Wizetrade platform. The Guide was published to help these people with their trading. 

You can download a free copy of the Guide using the following link.

PTS/Precision Trading System Course
There is no substitute for the 2-day, comprehensive training you will receive at a PTS Trading Course. You will graduate with a whole new understanding of the markets, with software that makes finding setups and trading an objective process, and in position to making trading a full- or part-time occupation. Find out more about the PTS Course by clicking here.  

PTS endorses eSignal and one of the finest stand-alone charting platforms. With a wide variety of optional scanners and related products, eSignal is the only stand-alone charting package that runs the Precision Trading System platform. For those traders wishing to remain with their current broker, eSignal is the logical choice.
Course graduates are eligible for a 30-day free trial of eSignal. Contact: Scott Wilks at 1-800-322-1819, or send him an e-mail at Click on the following link to learn more about eSignal:


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