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If you are new to trading, the glut of information can be overwhelming. It seems everyone has his or her own system and range of concerns: point and figure, candles, channels, news, IBD, earnings, heat maps, Level II, market makers, working your order, fib retracements, direct access, rockets, ad nauseam. We have identified much of what you must know to be a successful trader and prepared a cohesive curriculum for this course. Everything you learn will make sense and be presented in a logical and systematic progression. By reducing trading to its basic elements, it is possible to present and develop concepts that are understandable and tradable, without all of the noise. After all, when it comes down to it, all you are really doing is trading price changes in stocks.

The Precision Trading Platform

The platform is unique and cutting edge. It is the missing link in trading—the instrument which helps the trader pinpoint precise entrances and exits from trades. Timing IS everything and this platform gives the trader all the necessary information to make these critical decisions. The platform works within the context of a series of linked charts, each with the same algorithm in a different time frame. What makes this platform one-of-a-kind is that traditional technical indicators, with the exception of volume, are not used. Why? Because most technical indicators are trailing, that is, they occur after the fact and require a great deal of experience to interpret. The Precision Trading System platform uses real-time, easy-to-read indicators based on probability analysis and continual measurement of price movement. This statistical approach, versus a technical-analysis approach, has created a revolutionary trading platform. Important information such as support and resistance areas, pivots, and much more, are clearly indicated for the trader on each of the charts. Therefore, traders using this platform learn to make objective versus emotional decisions; are able to judge how much potential reward there is in a trade; make consistently profitable trades; avoid head fakes; make precise entrances and exits from trades; evaluate potential trades; and much more.

About the Developer

Mel Raiman, Ph.D. was the developer of the Precision Trading System Course and the course instructor. For many years he had been a full-time trader and a speaker at numerous trading events including the Wealth Expo in 2006. In 2002 he wrote the Guide to Effective Day Trading and had published many articles in trading newsletters. He held a Ph.D. in instructional design and prior to trading, dedicated much of his career to university teaching and corporate training. He worked for more than a year developing the Precision Trading System, and four months designing the course. 

Mel began trading before the advent of the Internet and had traded a variety of software packages, technical setups, and styles (from long term to micro scalping). The Precision Trading System platform is the culmination of all these experiences. An automated version of the platform is currently in use by a major hedge fund; the manual version is presented in the course. Over the years, Mel had mentored numerous traders; the course is a logical outgrowth of this mentoring, research, and trading. It is a viable vehicle for helping large numbers of traders develop trading consistency. 
Dr. Mel Raiman
Course Highlights

Many important topics are addressed in the Precision Trading System Course; here are a few: Oscillations Within Oscillations, Understanding How Stocks Trade – The Importance of Fractals – How to Install A Trading Platform – Trading By The Numbers – Finding Trades for Any Style -   Risk Management – Timing the Entrance – The Mechanical Exit for Maximum Profit – How to Lose A Trade and Take A Profit – How To Trade Using Level II – Determining A Confirmed Entrance – Determining Your Edge Before Taking the Trade – Recognizing Typical chart Patterns – How To Minimize Slippage – Trading Charts In Context – Recognizing and Trading With the Trends – Evaluating Trades, Trading Live in the Market – Using the Daily Reversal Times – Shorting – Seven Steps for Evaluating The Trading Characteristics of Stocks – Where Am I? Trading the Key Price Points – Trading Using Proper Risk-to-Reward Ratio – and hundreds of additional trading points.
On-going Support

Graduates receive on-going support. This includes an invitation to join MR Trading Platform, a message board restricted to course graduates. With PTS Course graduates numbering morethan 1200 you will have an opportunity to ask for help, run ideas by other members, and see what other traders have suggested. You will find long-term, swing, and day traders participating in this active board. As a member of the message board, you will have access to files and archives directly related to your training. Past issues of Precision Trader, the newsletter for graduates, are also stored on the message-board site.

What if you have a question? You may send an-mail to Mike Misunas about any of your trading problems. In many instances, you will be invited to call and receive on-line coaching. It is our goal that all graduates of the course become consistently successful traders.
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Our WEB HOSTED Course has a limited attendee capacity.  It is again being offered to fill the requests from traders that cannot or do not wish to travel at this time. Register now.

Trading the markets with an edge . . . 
"Thanks. That is the only word to describe what your platform form has done for me in the last two weeks.  I have been setting my own targets and I have broken a personal barrier last Friday. I hit my first 10k day since I have been trading. Since you shared how to set targets and read your platform my picks have been very profitable."

Earl K.
"It’s difficult to fully express the appreciation I feel for the work you shared with us at the Course.  Suffice to say that for me it is transformative.  As someone who has been trading profitably for almost 10 years, and has been exposed to many trading systems, I can honestly say that the PTS Course makes more sense of trading and provides more substantial tools for finding and executing lower risk/higher profit trades than any system I’ve experienced before.  

Many thanks."

Howard P.
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created and the way that you are teaching and sharing it with others.   I want to thank you not only for creating and sharing such a marvelous product, but also for the fact that it is grossly underpriced.  I have taken many courses and seminars and have been trained by a professional trader named Scott Kaminski.  Scott has been a professional floor trader and off the floor trader for over 20 years.  He worked 9 years with Tudor Investment Corporation along side Paul Tudor Jones.  So, in my opinion, you could not get better training --untill I took your course and saw your system.  It blows everything out of the water that I have been taught up to this point.  Nothing compares!
My dream is to be a full time professional trader and have more time for my family and to finally enjoy life. I really believe I have what I need now to really succeed and fulfill my dream!  As I said before - THANK YOU!!!  I plan on being one of your most successful students.  And when I am -- I will stay in touch with you and let you know how I do."   

Legal Disclaimer
The training provided to course attendees is at their request for their personal use. The Precision Trading System Course, Melvyn L. Raiman, or PTS Worldwide LTD, assumes no responsibility for the trading results of course attendees. Since there are many variables inherent in trading and investing including the skill level of the individual trader or investor, the individual’s ability to effectively interpret the PTS charts, the direction and trends of the various markets, the execution of the trader’s or investor’s broker, and the trading characteristics of the particular medium (e.g., stocks, options, futures, commodities.), it must be assumed that there will be a range of individual success when applying any trading system.

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About the Instructor

After retiring from a successful business career in 2002, Mike Misunas, an accomplished trader for many years, met Dr. Raiman in 2004 at the inagural PTS course.  Mr. Misunas had learned of Dr. Raiman's work relating to beneficial data from longer time periods addressed in his 2002 publication, and felt the "blinking light system" did not provide the desired results.

Similar trading philosophies cultiivated over 5 years of brainstorming and trading together, resulted in a professional camaraderie and deep personal friendship.  Until Dr. Raiman's death in June of 2009, Mr. Misunas (aka Coach Mike), was a regular contributor to "PTS Radio", Mel's pre-recorded weekly radio program that highlighted trading.  As the PTS stock setups analyst and only PTS Certified Trainer, Mr. Misunas admits that his friend left big shoes to fill, saying "Mel Raiman designed a trading platform like no other, and when properly executed, provides the edge to make your trading profitable".
Coach Mike looks forward to sharing the genius of Dr. Mel Raiman, the PTS Platform, with you at the next PTS seminar.