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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created and the way that you are teaching and sharing it with others.  I want to thank you not only for creating and sharing such a marvelous product, but also for the fact that it is grossly underpriced.  I have taken many courses and seminars and have been trained by a professional trader named Scott Kaminski.  Scott has been a professional floor trader and off the floor trader for over 20 years.  He worked 9 years with Tudor Investment Corporation along side Paul Tudor Jones.  So, in my opinion, you could not get better training --until I took your course and saw your system.  It blows everything out of the water that I have been taught up to this point.  Nothing compares! I really believe I have what I need now to really succeed and fulfill my dream!  As I said before - THANK YOU!!!  I plan on being one of your most successful students.  And when I am -- I will stay in touch with you and let you know how I do.   

John B.

I did not get the chance to thank you for the course. I have to say it was some of the best analytical work I have ever seen. I had never thought of looking at time series and stochastic processes using different time slices of the same underlying data. That was truly original, creative and insightful. 

Kevin F.

I attended Mel's class this week...All I can say is WOW!  I am a former broker and have traded Stocks, Bonds, Options, and Commodities.  Nothing I have ever seen has the power of this platform and technique. People should stand in line to signup for future courses.

Marvin Welles

Thank God for PTS. Since my account went live with DAE on Friday, I have had 2 losing trades (both emotional longs on Amertrade-AMTD, dumb, dumb, dumb) and 3 winners. On my last winner where I shorted US Steel-X (a Mel Smoothie I must add) I got out with a 3.3 point gain after just two days. Not Bad.  In just 4 days using PTS I have wiped out the past 4 months of trading LOSSES using the infamous WizeTrade system - not counting of course the 
$2,500 that I paid for the software which is the next goal on my list.


Greg in Dallas

I just wanted to THANK you again for your 'Weekly Stock Picks & Setups'!!!
They are the best learning tool anyone could ask for!!!
KIim W.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am to have met you and taken your course. I am thrilled to have found your method which is what I have been seeking for about four years since I began trading.  I knew there had to be a way to get beyond the noise and to focus on a rational, sane way of trading the markets.


I am a recent graduate of the September class in Atlanta, and over the weekend I've been trying to get my software setup. I was practicing today and the first time I used the new platform, I made over 2 points on NSTK. The stock was up over a point already and retracing.  I entered like you taught in class. It bounced off the channel and screamed up over $2.  I'm really excited about using this amazing tool...For the first time in 4 years, I feel like I'm finally turning the corner and making progress. The money for the class was the best I ever spent. 

Kwock Ong

Thank you Mel! Thanks for generously sharing your trading secret............. PTS!

June 55 call option CLF - bought at 2.90, sold for 4.20. This option 
actually went as high as 5.50 today. I know I could have come close to 
selling at the high had I had the time to sit and watch all day, but I 
had customers to attend to.

June 80 call option TOL - bought at 3.60, sold at 5.50. This option 
actually went to 7.30 at the close of the day! WOW! Betcha the person I 
sold my two options to at 5.50 was a happy camper!



Last June I was a novice. I couldn't make wizefinder work for me as a day trader and God knows I tried. Got to about 75% paper trading and after about 8 months decided it was time to get my feet wet. First 5 weeks I ended up losing about $3200.00.  Timing seemed always off. I finally went back to paper trading and did well again.  THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.  I waited a month for Mel's class to start. Paper traded almost every day and was doing OK. Mel's class made all the difference. Paper traded every day after the class with the new method. No longer was everything a calculated guess. I now see the trades develop.  I can now NOT jump in when it's not exactly right and I see the head fakes taking place. For the most part I now do not lose money during these fakes. I'm trading live again with Mel's platform and now have confidence and timing. I now make a profit every day.  That did not use to be the case.  I average $100-$350 per day. If I try to squeeze something out that is not yet ready, I still take a hit but know to get out right away.  When my timing is not perfect and I see the chart trying to decide to go up or down I do not bail out of the trade until it makes it's move which  I watch develop.  When the charts are in order I feel confident with the trade and stay in and it almost always goes to a profit position.  THIS SYSTEM JUST PLAIN WORKS.  My trades are usually done between 10am - 2pm EST.    There is probably a better way to approach this but I still consider myself a newby and am proceeding carefully.  Hope this helps some.


I have been using PTS since spring 2004 and it is fantastic. My portfolio has taken off since I began with Mel. My personal key is that for swing/position plays I prescreen the candidates. HotScans, Fidelity and INVESTools help with that. For scalps, PTS is deadly. Especially with Mel's failed trade method. You can play stocks in any market with PTS - you are not limited to a bull market. Mel also has a Yahoo site with tons of help.


I just made $1500 over the last week in Mutual Funds, using PTS in my 457K.



I used the Businessweek scanner last week and found BCRX with a good uptrend, and forming a knife edge on the 180. Using Mel's knowledge (thanks Mel) that knife edges have a tendency to gap up in the direction of the channel, I went long BCRX. Today, it gapped up and is up 2.5 pts! 

Thanks for all your knowledge!

Brian C

In the last few days I believe I have evaluated SERO, TLM, PD, AET, AAPL, BMET entirely and completely with PTS charts.  Of those stocks the only one I liked for a long was AET.  Just for fun I was looking to see how I did.  Of those stocks, only AET is up from where I evaluated it. Now the question: am I a super trader, did I just get lucky, or is it that PTS does actually work? Personally, I am sure it is not super trader. Either I got lucky or PTS works.

Bob D.

We were VERY successful this week. including Google ($7,900.  today);  thanks to you for your dedication, program & schooling!  You must be basking by now in the positive feedback from all those you've helped.  There's no better feeling in the world, is there!
JR and WC

I know Mel suggested not to trade Forex and for the most part, I concur. It's a hard market to be profitable in--especially intraday. But now that I have the ability to use the PTS system on the 4x market, I have yet to have a losing tradeMy one failed swingtrade was still a +14 pip profitable day trade.  


Once again, I want to say thank you!  The recorded trades and the explanation of the knife edge, example of SEPR at Atlanta course, kept me in EBAY since Friday short.  I went in at the end of the day  In @ 86.26, out this am @ 80.87.  The bias of the longer charts made the decision for me to stay in.  Even with the rallies in the after market these last two days, the charts were telling me otherwise. The recorded trades with your live commentary were very useful for me in understanding the charts better.  And the emphasis on the longer charts has helped with the emotional noise, I just look a the charts and say to that "voice" - "the longer charts are saying stay in", so I stay in.  
May the Force be with you!

Laura St. Claire

We attended the Atlanta course and this has changed our trading lives!! The first two days we traded for over $1500 per day and then Thursday we were able to trade together and traded for over $4500. What fun for old Wizetraders.

Bob and Denise Stites

Bought AMGN calls on Tuesday at .55 sold today 6.70
Time for a beer!


I shorted DE today for $1,200 profit.  I would have had $1,700 but I was out of my office and my trailing stop took me out. Also picked up $400 profit yesterday (2 shorts). This is what I had always hoped I could do.
Thank you MEL !!!!!!!
Tom Jones

Your class was awesome and so is PTS ! Downloaded DAE demo on Wednesday and squeezed in 3 short time trades (at work breaks-20 minutes each). I was on the right side of the trade almost instantly. Now that is precision!  It is really nice to feel you are not in the dark about where the stock is going, like another program  I have been using.  Thank you. 
Gary Griffith

Incredible! Lively, humor-filled presentation that outlines a breakthrough trading platform and offers numerous practical tidbits. Successful day trading becomes a forgone conclusion if you follow the rules. Say goodbye to stress and pick up a nice check at the end of every trading day. Mel Raiman assists every type of trader at every skill level. . . It’s very tempting not to recommend the course because there’s the fear that everyone will soon have it and eradicate the “edge.”

Peter Becket

There are members on a Forex board who trade in a room together and here I am with your platform yelling "I am going in," and the only thing they ask is what am I looking at...After about 20 minutes I reply back "I am looking at profits." I told them to take your  class if they want a full understanding of the platform but I just want to tell you, the timing on pullbacks has been right on. Even if I look at candles....the timing with the longer term and shorter term still comes from your platform.


I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make money in the stock market. Consistently. No fluff. Mel is devoted to seeing us succeed. This is not a seminar designed to hawk products or software. This course is a must for the serious trader. Why would you use any other platform? This is deadly.

Ron Smith

Timing is critical and the PTS makes the difference.

Denice Sites

I would like to thank Mel, Bob and all involved for such a pleasant experience being part of PTS. How often in life do u take part in something without a continuos hounding for more money, poor support etc.. I am so psyched and proud to be a part of this growing family.


Very impressed. Most systems trade stock by looking in the rear-view mirror. Your system is very current and easy to use.

John Korsak

Let me start by thanking you for a truly remarkable platform. I have doubled my trading account since April. It took about 2 weeks of watching market action and finding the right time frames to watch and it clicked

Will S.

As a recent graduate of Mel's Las Vegas training, I was hoping to improve my trading.....but I wasn't expecting this!!!!! Mel's platform is unbelievable!!! No...not helpful.....not great.....not encouraging...but simply unbelievable !!!! I'm in a state of shock!!!. Every trade I looked at, did what the platform (and Mel's training) said it would do. I wasn't expecting about a 95% - 98 % accuracy rate. But, that's about what I'm getting. The platform tells you when to get in, how much to expect in the trade (before you get into it) and when to get out. And my experience over the last week is that it's pretty much always right !!! Unbelievable!!! I haven't had a losing day since I got back from the training.And, the losing trades I did have were my fault and all avoidable.  As an example. there were 3 trades that I got shaken out of yesterday for about $75 total loss (good money management kept them small), but because I didn't trust, I not only lost but didn't get about $550 of profits that was there for the taking. And just like what Mel said in the class, I had a failed trade today on LOW. And it failed because it only netted me $13 (after fees)!!! And I got shaken out of that one too, as it subsequently went to where the platform said it would for an additional 13 cents.

Mel? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm in a state of shock !!!


Very solid and professional tools, techniques, and information without unrealistic, selling hype.

Walt McBride 

The course has been a real eye-opener. I will enjoy (immensely) watching the market from a different perspective.

Greg Thurman

I traded your platform and strategy today for the first time. I made 10 very conservative round trip trades, long and short, and netted $1,058 with no losses.  I wanted to tell you about this because after market I looked at both the stocks I traded, SEPR and CTXS, in Wizetrade and I guarantee you that no one would have traded these stocks based on the WT lights.  Not knocking WT but I would have never given these two a second look if my analysis were limited to the WT charts. In any case I really want to thank you again for all your hard-work and patience. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing, especially when you didn't have too.
W. G. B. - Oklahoma City

You cannot usually play rockets successfully in the first half hour with WT, at least not consistently.  But there was an easy $840 in MACE (500 shares) in 3 minutes off the pullback rebound if using Mel's system. Sorry gang, about WT, but that is just the way that it is.  If you are using WT then use it on more docile plays and longer holds where lagging indicators do not matter as much. Do as WT says and ignore amateur hour.  As they say, wait 1.5 to 2 hours after most of the volatile action is dead.
Vic W.

Fantastic course. The real-time entry and exit points are the "missing link." Too many indicators can just kill a trade.

Robert Sites

I'm using Mel's system, however it's tax season and I'm an accountant, so I'm not trading as much as I could. I've only made $134,000 since March 20. So it works! As far as I'm concerned Mel is better than 'sliced bread' and the best friend a trader could ever have.


I am up and running and amazed with the system. So far, 4 trades ranging from .45 to .60 and no losers.  Beats anything I have ever seen.  Great work.


I feel so honored that I was chosen to make a decision on receiving this wonderful gift. It’s thrilling to have received this wonderful gift. I thank you so much for the time you’ve spent and your willingness to share with others.

John Tuma

I just wanted to give you some feedback to my first 3/4 week of trading after your Dallas class. I set up DAE on Monday and started trading on Tuesday. I run a business, so I am looking to establish swing trades. I don't have the time to "scalp". I remember what you said about long emails, so I will get right to the point; I made about fifteen trades, and put $1450.00 in my pocket. Best part of it was that I had NO LOSERS! A few positions I got in ahead of where I should have, but the stock did turn in my favor, as the charts indicated.


This is the best trading course available anywhere. After going through Wizetrade and several others I was blessed by finding this class and Mel.

Herb Williams

I finally have something besides trailing indicators to help me trade.

Michael Whelan

Mel is an excellent teacher! For those of use who are stuck at the Wizetrade level, the course gives us a concise approach to a whole new level of trading.

Steven Brumbaugh

Mel, thanks for a great 2 days.  I learned more in those 16 hours than I did in any course in graduate school.  

D.W.C., Ph.D

It's like I finally found the missing piece to the trading puzzle. As a day trader who wants to be a swing trader, I believe the Precision Trading System will show me the way.

John Draper

Mel, just a quick not to say thank you for all you have done to assist me in my trading. The light has dawned on how to interpret the charts. Was able to pull off that $1000.00 trade day that you were talking about. $1850.00 to be exact. I just pray that I can get to the level of trading where I will be able to help others as you have done.

Cheers Denny

Excellent course for the day trader. This is solid, sensible, and dependable information. The real deal.

Nedra Werking

I have not had a negative day now in six trading days since beginning your system.  I am researching two stocks at night and writing down the support and resistance for use during the next trading day. I want you to know how much all of us appreciate all that you are doing to help us out.  I sort of look at this as if I am educating myself in a Master's Degree Program for Day Trading and I am about one month into a two year degree program.

Best regards,


The Precision Trading System is excellent if you are interested in identifying trades with a high probability of success. 

Greg Walters

I was having trouble putting all the pieces together to do a good evaluation of a stock. This course has put it all together with a realistic evaluation process to apply to any chart with all of the information showing.

Deborah Fine

This course will change my trading abilities for as long as I continue to trade for a living. The trading platform takes all of the guesswork out of trading and will allow me to trade confidently and without emotion. I now consider myself to be an elite trader with knowledge that so few in this business have.

Donna Tahaney

Best workshop I’ve attended, and I have attended a lot of them.

Bud Bogle

Your system does work.I'm currrenly out of the market during the summer months, but I occasionally papertrade using your system. It's sometimes scary how accurate it can be. 

David R.

This course teaches precision just as its name implies. It teaches precise methods for avoiding losses and precise methods for maximizing the profit potential of each trade. It is brand new and the real deal.

Phil Hyatt

The Precision Trading System is incredible and a must for anyone serious about trading successfully on a consistent basis. I hope that I can use it successfully because I don’t think there is anything better.

Keith Bracker

This course has changed the way to trade.

Betty Norman

This course has rescued me from day trader hell. I can now clearly understand what I see. This course is a must if want to succeed in trading without those Maalox moments.

Ray Sampson

Very complete and thorough training from a master who obviously loves it.

Marvin Frank

I’ve been struggling with trading for years. I finally feel like I can succeed now. Thank you for the delightfully entertaining and informative course!

Robert C. Becket

Mel’s platform should turn you into a very deadly trader, with the opportunity of making consistent gains working both sides of the market—long and short.

Fred Quinn

This course is excellent – leaves Wizetrade in the dust. Wish I had paid $800 for Wizetrade because I would gladly pay $3K for the Precision Trading Course.

Catherine Leatherman

It was worth every minute away from home and every penny spent. Most exciting two days on trading I have ever experienced.

R. Sheldon Onstead

Made my first trade today via DAE. About 15 minutes of effort produced $900+ profit. Took over a week plus to get my account transferred from Scottrade to DAE. Mel's system works! Thanks Mel!


Absolutely the best investment trading seminar I’ve attended. Mel is a superb communicator and master market technician.

Jim Rhodes

This is a superb course--the best investment course I have ever taken.

James Fuller

I feel as if I have been clued in to a secret formula shared by only a few. This I believe dramatically increases my edge as a trader and renews my hopes of making a consistent living as a trader.

Alan Howard

This is truly revolutionary material which should not be released to the general public. It is so great to now have a real advantage in the market.

Bob Farmer

A lifetime of information in presented in just two days by a true master teacher. The selflessness and dedication is unsurpassed in this field.

George Fee

The course was a huge eye-opener after using WT for the past 11 months.

Guy Straker

Great course--a must for any serious trader. The PTS is the tool for trading--one only has to learn how to use it.

Gary Bulloch

PTS is based on facts, live info, no opinions.

Parviz Nawab

The course is more than I expected. I can see that this blows Wuzetrade away. Mel took the time to do trades with us. Thanks for doing an honest course. The people who attended were great and all serious about trading.

David Gladfelter

I get it. This is simple when you explain it. We all going to use the platform at the office everyday! I can't believe this is legal. Shhhhh!!!!! Don't tell everyone.

Simon Volkov

[this course] makes it easier to get back to my computer with a killer attitude and a lot of confidence.

Tom Sniegowski

The class was awsome ... this should make many traders without enormous coaching.

Paul Ehrlich

This should solve most of my entry problems.

Keith Fry

Best value for a financial seminar that I have had the pleasure to attend.

Wayne McGowen

The power of this platform is so powerful it falls under the suspicion of "too good to be true."

Forrest Wood

I think PTS works for every type of trader.  Personally, I've played PD long two times and short two times since last Friday for nice profits in all four trades. Was in with puts from $165.70 to $159.22
today. PTS is great! 


If you don't know enough after Mel's course to improve your trading dramatically, I can't imagine what would do it. Mel truly want each and everyone of us to succeed at this.

Mary Hammer
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