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PTS Setups are developed on the PTS Trading Platform. PTS has moved trading from the domain of of technical indicators to a whole new trading genre--statistically based trading signals. First introduced in 2003, PTS is now is in use by retail traders and investors, funds, money managers, market markers and specialists in both the stock and options markets. It is the precision of the PTS platform that make the PTS Setups unique. You will find very little slippage using the PTS Setups. 
PTS began distributing Stock Picks and Setups in May of 2005 as a service to graduates of the PTS Trading Course. By early September, the PTS Setups were  made available to the entire trading community, free of charge.  Because the setups are developed using the PTS software, it soon became obvious that the PTS Setups were among the best available to traders. In fact, many traders were introduced to PTS through the use of the Setups and ultimately took the PTS Trading Course.
These setups are done by Michael Misunas (coach Mike).    Many traders are earning excellent full-time incomes from the PTS Setups.

Subscription PTS Setups are published daily and will include from 6 - 10 setups, long and short. PTS selects only highly-liquid, optional stocks that have a minimum 1-point average true daily range. 
PTS Setups 

Complimentary subscriptions are available.  If you are currently receiving the free setups, and wish to continue receiving them, you do not have to register.Your free subscription will continue to be sent to you on Sunday.
The free PTS setups will include two optionable stocks selected from the list of 6 - 10 that are sent to subscribers. You will not receive the daily updates. 
To register for the free PTS Setups, please send an email requesting the FREE SETUPS to Coach Mike at PTSCoach@bellsouth.net
The subscription charge for the PTS Setups is $80.00 (USD) per month, effective January 01, 2015. Your setups will be available every weekend before the market.  You may contact PTS Setups at the following  email address if you have any questions.

For General or Billing Questions, please contact:  PTSCoach@bellsouth.net
PTS Setups are the industry standard for stock-picking and setup services.
What makes PTS different is you have the ability to make money in all time frames and market conditions. The majority of services only make money when the market is trending upside nicely. PTS identifies profitable trades in all market conditions. This service is unique and extremely valuable; anyone who has subscribed to other updates/newsletters knows Mel stands alone at the top. Great system with great service. Thanks Mel $$$
"Just finished my first week using the setups and they worked just great, what a great combination with PTS. 
Looking forward to next week already..thanks for a great service."
The Web Hosted Course content is identical to our physical seminar, the exception being the obvious savings as a result of non-travel and the additional time we spend on live charts.  Question and answer sessions are included.    For more information, click on the "About the Course" link on the left side of the page.
You too CAN experience better trading results.     
I find it necessary to take some extended time off for personal issues. I expect it will be sometime mid year 2018 before I am able to resume posting.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS and best wishes for the New Year!