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Welcome to the Precision Trading System web site. More than a trading platform, this is a complete system for evaluating potential trades and for taking optimum entries and exits. There are many styles of trading and the PTS has been designed to effectively trade both long and short term. The flexibility of the Precision Trading System allows the trader to take quick scalps, day, or swing trades, and even long-term trades. Setups that previously took hours may be accomplished in a matter of minutes since the platform may be linked to your favorite trading stocks. Since this is a linear platform, you can see ahead of time when the confirmation will be for longs and shorts for any style of trading and then set your alerts for the following day.

The Precision Trading System was developed for use by traders at a major hedge fund. This development process lasted almost a year with the goal of developing statistically valid and reliable trading signals. Once the platform was developed and was as close to perfect as possible, it was automated. What remained after the project was  a remarkable manual trading platform. Trading this platform is not intuitive for most traders, and training is required. The course is an outgrowth of developing the rules and procedures for trading this system, with a significant quantitative edge. These rules were developed before the platform was automated and are essential to using the Precision Trading System Platform successfully.

You will know before taking a trade what your odds of success are. Furthermore, you will know about how much you can expect to earn from a trade and whether or not the trade is worth entering, thus allowing for precise use of risk-to-reward ratios. The platform used in the Precision Trading System is stand-alone and the algorithms used in conjunction with the trading rules make timing trades with extreme accuracy a regular occurrence. Rather than use technical analysis, the platform is based entirely upon the real-time statistical analysis of price movement in multiple time frames, thus allowing the trader to accurately calculate the potential movement (edge) of a stock's price prior to taking the trade.

There are successful graduates with as little as a few months of trading experience. Others were already seasoned traders and professionals looking for a better way to trade. Whatever your level of expertise, the two-day course will cover many important aspects of trading beyond the use of this sophisticated platform, so that your understanding of the market will be broad and you will be comfortable trading in any environment.

Precision Trading System

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Since 2004, there have been 19 courses offered with more than 1100 graduates including both retail and professional traders. If you wish to be included in our contact list and receive an e-mail notice about the next course, please click the contact link and add your e-mail address. <Contact>

The Precision Trading Platform may be used to trade equities, options, Forex, and futures. In fact, it is an effective timing system for all time frames and can be used to trade anything that is chartable.
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The training provided to course attendees is at their request for their personal use. The Precision Trading System Course, Melvyn L. Raiman, or PTS Worldwide LTD, assumes no responsibility for the trading results of course attendees. Since there are many variables inherent in trading and investing including the skill level of the individual trader or investor, the individual’s ability to effectively interpret the PTS charts, the direction and trends of the various markets, the execution of the trader’s or investor’s broker, and the trading characteristics of the particular medium (e.g., stocks, options, futures, commodities.), it must be assumed that there will be a range of individual success when applying any trading system.

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